A Look Inside Grogan Building Supply! Local & Family Owned in Houston Heights

Proudly Serving the Building Material Industry Since 1886

Grogan Building Supply Company has been a respected name in the lumber industry right here in Texas since 1886, and has been family owned and operated for four generations.  Attention to detail and customer service are our top priorities!

The Grogan name stands the test of time as a piece of the families roots run deep in the area Houstonian’s now know as The Woodlands. Present owner Greg VonBaden’s grandmother, Mildred Grogan, grew up in those timberlands that also housed the family’s Sawmill. In the early 1900’s they supplied local timber products across Texas to areas like The Heights and even throughout the Country to aid during WWI & WWII. Later in the seventies the land was sold to the Mitchel family who transformed it into the Master-Planned Community we all know now as The Woodlands.

The Grogan household name is showcased still today by way of thoughtful landmark and street names like Sawdust Road, Grogan’s Mill Road, Grogan Mill subdivision, etc.